Plane seats that make you feel cramped or cause other passengers to constantly disturb you are enough to turn a tolerable flight into a living hell.

How can you get the best plane seat without fail? Booking early is a must, and then it always comes down to knowing which plane you are travelling on.

Being aware of the layout of the aircraft means a traveller is well placed to choose the best seat.

Website Seat Guru provides layouts of various planes from all different air carriers, which can help you make your choice.

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Flight secrets: How to make sure your plane seat is always the best

Flight secrets revealed: How to get the best aeroplane seat always

They have layouts of over 1100 planes spanning 137 airlines. Travellers can also enter their flight number and date of their flight to find the seat map.

The maps are complete with colour-coding to help you choose the best seats, which are highlighted in green.

Bad seats are coloured red, while seats that come with a warning are seats to be aware of, and come with comments.

For example, seat 53 H on a Boeing 747 is described as “cramped due to the curvature of the fuselage and the proximity of the lavatories can be bothersome. This seat has limited foot room and under-seat storage space due to the presence of an entertainment equipment box.”

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Flight secrets: Being aware of the layout of the aircraft means a traveller can choose the best seat

The key also shows where power ports for consumers use are located, where the emergency exits are and the location of the galley.

Travellers also upload pictures of the food and in-flight amenities are listed.

Do aeroplanes have CCTV cameras?

One curious passenger asked this question and an airline pilot revealed their professional experience.

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Flight secrets: They have layouts of over 1100 planes spanning 137 airlines

Bruno Gilissen, who has previous experience work on four different airlines, said: “Yes, in an airliner nowadays there are cameras installed inside.

“Since 9/11, security measures dictate that the cockpit door has to remain closed and locked at all times during flight, unless authorised persons enter or exit.”

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