A viral video has spread after the tipper truck was filmed falling over while unloading onto a building site.

The video, which was uploaded yesterday, has already had almost 90,000 views.

The red tipping truck can be seen off-loading on a building site in front of a large mound of dirt.

As the truck lifts its dumper something appears to be very wrong.

The dumper on the back of the truck starts to tip and fall, wobbling violently.

Suddenly the whole truck starts to shake as the dumper begins to pull away from the cab.

The driver of the truck can be seen leaning out of the door behind the wheel.

At first, he doesn’t appear to be aware of the situation behind him.

However, as the pressure of the tipping dumper builds, the left-hand side of the cabin starts to lift away from the ground with the driver still inside.

Falling slowly at first, the cabin suddenly flies to the ground in quick succession.

Viral video: Tippertruck falling Imgur/tenhawzer

The tipper truck starts to fall while unloading the dumper

The driver is catapulted out of the open door and hits the ground hard

Although, this isn’t the only thing that files, the driver is catapulted out of the open door and hits the ground hard.

It’s unclear what happens next as the video is cut short but since the driver is thrown with such force, he is bound to be hurt.

The video was posted to viral website Imgur and triggered quite a reaction from fellow users.

One user commented: “This often happens when you forget to unlatch the tail gate.”

While another user isn’t quite so understanding: “The moral of the story is when you know your equipment is broken. Don’t. Use. It.”

Tipper truck viral video Imgur/tenhawzer

The driver is thrown from the truck as it falls over

This is not the first time a lorry dumper has caused a dangerous crash.

Previous footage filmed from a dash cam caught the terrifying moment a lorry driver forgot to lower his dumper while going under a bridge.

Captured in Montreal, the driver can be seen travelling down a main road at speed.

As the lorry approaches a bridge, it is instantly noticeable that the dumper is the same height as the bridge.

Before the drivers time to notice his mistake, the lorry crashes into the bridge scattering the cargo across the road.

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