The viral video shows a silver car in the middle of a junction driving around in circles.

Oddly, the vehicle appears to be out of control as it circles twice, nearly hitting other parked cars on the road.

During the stunt, the rest of the cars on the crossroad don’t move as they stay out of the way of the driver.

It then veers off to the side, appearing to aim for the empty part of the road.

viral video bad driver crashImgur

The viral video shows a car spiralling out of control in a junction

The driver then begins to reverse before the video ends

Despite this, it then misses the empty road completely and hits a parked police car on the bumper.

Already flashing its lights, it is unclear what happens next as the driver then begins to reverse before the video ends.

The video, which has had over 660,000 views, amused many Imgur users as they were confused about the entire situation.

One asked: “What were they trying to accomplish here?”

Others found the ending particularly amusing, stating: “I didn’t burst out laughing really until they hit the cop car. Hilarious!”

viral video bad driver crashImgur

The viral video shows the car attempting to drive down an empty road

It isn’t the first time an out of control driver found themselves being caught out by the police.

One car was spotted doing doughnuts in the middle of the road, showing off on camera.

The moves are impressive until the very end of the video as they come to a stop.

It’s only then that they realise a police car was watching the whole time.

viral video bad driver crashImgur

The video then shows the car crashing into a police car

Sometimes it is the police officer who ends up being the problem and embarrassingly caught on video.

A police car in Germany was filmed pulling out of a junction as it waited to turn.

It looked like it was letting a motorcycle pass as it came speeding from the distance.

Instead, they swing out, crashing into the bike who luckily emerged uninjured.

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