Humpback whales are one of the many magnificent creatures to be found in the big blue sea. 

The species is easily identified by its distinctive dive, which creates a large “hump” shape in their backs giving them their name.

They can grow up to 60 feet (18 metres) long – their tail alone can be up to 16 feet (five metres) – and weigh around 4 tonnes.

However, despite their massive size, you can never be sure when to expect to see one of these creatures – and this video proves that. 

Viral whale videoRumble

Viral whale video: What happens when a seal encounters a whale?

sea splashViral whale video

Viral whale video: There is a splash as the sea monster emerges

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the seal is borne up out of the water on the back of a humpback whale which has risen out of the ocean

In the footage, a seal swims along the surface of what looks like a calm blue ocean free from any danger, off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

The video is clearly being taken from a boat, and we see a quick glimpse of the passengers pointing at something in the distance.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the seal is borne up out of the water on the back of a humpback whale which has risen out of the ocean.

While anxious viewers might fear the worst – for the seal to be eaten by the whale – the conclusion to the video is very different.

Instead, we see a funny image of the seal “surfing” on top of the whale before being case back safely into the water.

passengers boat seaRumble

Viral whale video: The passengers point at the incredible whale and seal encounter

Do whales eat seals?

While, in the food chain, larger creatures usually pray on their smaller companions, it is not always the case with whales and seals.

Some whales eat seals, such as orcas who are at the very top of the food chain, and feed on everything from squid and fish to sharks and, terrifyingly for this little creature, seals. 

However, the humpback whale is a baleen – which means it does not have teeth to rip apart their food when they eat.

Therefore, they do not prey on seals, instead favouring smaller prey such as mackerel, salmon, herring and pollock fish.

whale seal seaRumble

Viral whale video: The seal surfs on top of the humpback whale

A viral whale crashing into a boat video was recently discovered on the Imgur platform, after being shared by a user. 

In the footage, a giant whale leaps out of the sea from nowhere before plummeting down towards a passenger in a small boat.

For a moment, it looks touch and go for the passenger as the camera shows a view underwater, showing the boat has been overturned.

However, the passenger later resurfaces, so we know they are safe despite the shock whale discovery.

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