Driving routes europe dangerous countries

Driving routes: Which country is the most dangerous to drive?

Driving in Europe could soon change when the UK leaves the EU in March 2019.

It has previously been reported that the UK driving license may no longer be valid in Europe, and may need to purchase additional driving documents.

However, those heading for a road trip abroad should take note of the most dangerous place to drive in Europe.

Which country has the most deaths in Europe? The UK thankfully doesn’t take the top spot.

The worst country for driving deaths, according to the European Commission is Bulgaria

The worst country for driving deaths, according to the European Commission is Bulgaria.

Measured by the number of deaths per million inhabitants, it found that in Latvia, there were 99 deaths in 2016.

This is much higher than the average in the EU which is ranked at 50 road deaths per million.

The worst country is closely followed by Romania (97 deaths) and Serbia (86 deaths).

Driving routes europe dangerous countriesBulgaria

Driving routes: Bulgaria has the most road deaths per million

Despite what many may think, the UK came out much better with just 29 road deaths per million citizens.

Switzerland took the number one spot for the safest country with 26 deaths.

The country regularly features in round-ups of the best countries, recently being seen as the best place to live in the world.

The EU report states that whilst some improvement has been made since 2010, more needs to be done to hit targets.

Driving routes europe dangerous countries

Driving routes: The UK has only 29 deaths per million

It reports: “Plans to update the standards were postponed and the proposal is not expected until March 2018. Updates to EU infrastructure safety rules have also not materialised.

“It is now critical that the European Commission brings forward the above initiatives and a long term road safety strategy for 2030 within the coming months.”

For those looking for a better driving route, staying in the UK means a number of beautiful scenic and romantic routes.

The New Forest and the Cotswolds have short routes which can be done over a couple of days for a staycation trip.

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