Smoking on planes

Planes still have ashtrays despite smoking being banned

The smoking ban came into force in the UK in July 2007 making it illegal to smoke in all enclosed public places. 

Yet it was back in the 1980’s that U.S. airlines made it illegal to smoke on board and in 1988 other airlines followed suite, banning smoking on any domestic flight under six hours in duration according to CNN.

Since 2000, the no smoking rule has been internationally adopted. 

Today it is still illegal to smoke on any flight of any duration with countless signs and warning informing this to passengers. 

On arrival into the plane, when fastening seating belts and warnings of smoke detectors in the toilets make the rule hard to miss. 

Why then can ashtrays still be found in the toilets on board new planes?

The answer, it is still a requirement and the reason is shocking. 

According to cabin attendant on a Cathay Pacific flight to London, despite the danger, not all passengers listen. 

No smoking sign on a plane

Today it is still illegal to smoke on any flight of any duration

You’re not allowed to smoke, but some people still do it

“You’re not allowed to smoke, but some people still do it,” explained the flight attendant. She alone catches somebody about every six months. 

She continues to add that the ashtrays provide a safe way to dispose of a lit cigarette if a passenger does chose to ignore the rule.

The ashtrays found in the bathroom are not meant to encourage passengers to smoke. 

They are in fact a legal requirement for “minimum equipment” by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

No smoking sign on plane

Planes have enforced a no smoking policy for over 30 years

And for good reason as in 1973 a plane from Rio de Janeiro to Paris had to make an emergency landing killing 123 passengers on board after the cabin reportedly filled with smoke. 

Although unconfirmed, the suspected culprit was a cigarette. 

According to TIME the rules are so heavily enforced that a BA flight was halted upon discovery that it wasn’t fitted with an ashtray. 

So next time you consider potentially lighting up, remember why the ashtrays are there and stick with the patch instead.

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