Terrified passengers feared for their lives when a flight from Australia to Indonesia plummeted 20,000 feet, after the plane lost cabin pressure.

The AirAsia Indonesia service from Perth to Bali was forced to turn back 25 minutes into its flight.

Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and passengers were told to take the brace position.

The 151 passengers accused cabin staff of adding to the panic as the plane descended.

The panic was escalated by the behaviour of staff who were screaming, looked tearful and shocked

Clare Askew, AirAsia passenger

Flight QZ535 returned safely on Sunday to Perth Airport, but many passengers spoke to reporters once they had landed of fear onboard.

Clare Askew told reporters at Perth airport, after the plane landed safely: ”The panic was escalated by the behaviour of staff who were screaming, looked tearful and shocked.

“Now, I get it, but we looked to them for reassurance and we didn’t get any, we were more worried because of how panicked they were.”

A passenger named Leah told Nine Network television: “I actually picked up my phone and sent a text message to my family, just hoping that they would get it.

airasia flight midair emergency cabin crew panic

AirAsia cabin crew were “panicked” during a midair emergency which thankfully ended safely

air asia cabin crew panic midair emergency

AirAsia cabin crew were said to be ‘hysterical’ by passengers (stock image)’

“We were all pretty much saying goodbye to each other. It was really upsetting.”

Passenger Mark Bailey told Seven Network television: “Hostesses started screaming: ‘Emergency, emergency.’ They just went hysterical. There was no real panic before that, then everyone panicked.”

Passenger Norman Pearce told Seven the flight crew said: “Emergency. Crash positions and that was it. Nothing for about five minutes and then the oxygen fell down.”

Express.co.uk contacted Air Asia, and a spokesman said: “The captain made the decision following a technical issue to ensure the safety of passengers.

air asia cabin crew panic midair emergency

AirAsia passengers described sending last messages to family and saying goodbye (stock image)

“The aircraft landed safely at Perth International Airport at 12:40pm local time on the same day.

“AirAsia Group Head of Safety Captain Ling Liong Tien said: “We commend our pilots for landing the aircraft safely and complying with standard operating procedure.

“We are fully committed to the safety of our guests and crew and we will continue to ensure that we adhere to the highest safety standards.”

“All affected passengers have been transferred to the next available flight and provided with all necessary assistance. The safety of passengers and crew is our priority. AirAsia apologises to passengers for any inconvenience caused.”

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