google maps street view girl embarrassingGoogle Maps

Google Maps: Street view cameras have captured a girl in an embarrassing moment

Google Maps is one of the most popular tools in the world for seeing life on all four corners of the globe.

Designed as a tool to help intrepid travellers get around, it has also inadvertently become a way to see people captured going about their daily lives.

And as part of that, many people have been photographed in embarrassing situations which have been put online for all to see.

One girl was left red-faced after she was caught by the street car camera right at the moment she did something mortifying.

The camera took a shot just as the girl fell over on a steep hill.

Google Maps: Street view cameras capture girl in embarrassing situation

Dressed in school uniform, the girl was with a group of friends – all of whom are stood around looking on in amusement as she lays on the ground.

The girl’s arms are swinging and her legs are elevated as she attempts to get back up.

In the fray she somehow lost her backpack, which is seen flung just behind her.

Google has blurred her face and those of her friends to make sure she isn’t easily identifiable.

The embarrassing moment happend in in Santa Catarina, Neuvo León, Mexico back in 2009.

google maps street view girl embarrassingGoogle Maps

Google Maps: The girl took a tumble in front of her friends and the street view car

The residential area is on the edge of a national park which can be seen in the background behind the unlucky girl.

This is not the only embarrassing thing to have been captured by the all-seeing eye of the Google street view car.

A young man was left red-faced after he was spotted doing something he might have regretted later by the Google camera.

A scene in Miami shows a young woman walking out of a clothing store.

Sporting a strappy top, mini skirt and trainers, she is engrossed in her phone as she exits the door.

google maps street view girl embarrassingGoogle Maps

Google Maps: The image was taken in a residential area in Mexico

Unbeknownst to her, a man is behind her on the other side of the entrance.

He is bending down as he stands in front of a palm tree by the shop.

Embarrassingly, he is caught staring at her, eye level with her legs.

The shamed man seems to be taking note of the young woman from behind.

Both of their faces are blurred to spare their blushes.

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