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Flights: Finnair plane delayed for nearly three hours at Manchester airport leaving fliers stranded

The Finnair flight was due to depart Manchester airport for Helsinki but passengers were left “stranded” on the tarmac for nearly three hours before it was cancelled.

The delay was initially caused by a technical fault. The aircraft then attempted to take off before eventually being cancelled.

Infuriated passengers took to Twitter to complain, with one flier claiming they were left waiting as long as five hours. 

“Shocking service failure,” one passenger tweeted. “Stranded for 5 hrs on tarmac, cancelled flight then refuses to rebook me on alternative flight that would allow me to arrive in time for my commitments.”

She added: “#servicefailure #worstairlineever” as she tweeted the Finnish airline this morning.

Flights: Finnair plane delayed for nearly three hours at Manchester airport leaving fliers ‘stranded’

Another Finnish passenger wrote last night: “For the third hour on the plane on Manchester ground.”

A Finnair spokeswomen told The flight in question was cancelled unfortunately.

“It was initially delayed and the plane tried to take off again before it needed to be cancelled. 

“Especially those passengers who had a connecting flight were rerouted as best as possible on to another flight already last night.  

“We apologise for the disturbance the delay and cancellation may have caused, but safety is of upmost importance to us.”

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Flights: Finnair flight delay was initially caused by a technical fault before being cancelled

Earlier this week, 214 passengers were left stranded on a Thomas Cook plane without air conditioning for three hours at Zante airport.

The conditions were so awful that some passengers vomited and fainted while others were bathed in sweat and forced to strip in order to cool down.

The flight was first delayed when passengers were told the plane needed to be refuelled.

When the holidaymakers boarded they were told to remain in the plane for three hours, despite it remaining on the tarmac.

The aircraft did not have functioning air conditioning, proving a health hazard for many.

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Flights: Infuriated passengers took to Twitter to complain about the lack of service and delays

One passenger, Kerry Shippey, tweeted: “Nobody minds a delay, things happen, but keeping people in a tin can in 40 degree heat so that people are passing out and throwing up is taking things a little far don’t you think?”

Another passenger told The Sun that some travellers were even having panic attacks.

Whenever they asked for an update on the service, cabin crew allegedly told passengers that the flight was due to take off in minutes.

Eventually, however, the flight was cancelled due to a technical issue. 

A Thomas Cook Airlines spokeswoman told on Monday: “We tried to fix the issue so that we could get customers on their way as soon as possible, but we recognise that we should have disembarked the aircraft earlier. We are very sorry for the discomfort our customers experienced.”

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