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Airport news: Is it better to check luggage in first or last?

Airports are often the most stressful part of the holiday when travelling.

Arriving hours before departure, expensive meals and busy terminals can make the journey much harder.

One way to make it easier is getting a suitcase from baggage claim first so that it is easier to get out of the airport.

But should you check your bag in first or last to make sure it is taken off the plane first?

Airport news luggage check in

Airport news: Waiting for a suitcase at baggage claim can be an arduous procress

Many people think that checking in a bag last means it is put on the plane last

Many people think that checking in a bag last means it is put on the plane last, therefore is at the front of the hold to remove.

This has been debunked by Peter Bruce, an airline captain of 30 years.

He explained on Quora: “There will be multiple baggage containers on every flight and there is no way of determining which one goes in which hold, let alone first or last.”

It also isn’t about the timing, but the weight of suitcases: “The airlines also have systems in place to optimally distribute the weight of luggage and cargo in the cargo hold on the aircraft.”

Airport news luggage check in

Airport news: Checking a suitcase in first or last makes no differnce

Anyone thinking of checking in late should also be warned that this could cause you to lose your bag altogether.

Bruce continued: “Checking in late risks missing the flight and significantly increases the risk of your bag not making the flight. 

“Why deliberately make your own life stressful for a bag?”

He also explained how, because of more passengers taking on cabin bags, this can cause delays and then force them to be put in the hold last, in front of checked in bags.

Airport news luggage check in

Airport news: Suitcases can come out of the plane hold in any order

Bruce remarked: “Planes were designed to have the luggage in the holds, not overhead. 

“Busy flights with excess cabin bags take delays of around 20 minutes to take the bags off, tag them and hold-load them.“

One traveller has revealed how they make sure to always get their suitcase back first after a flight.

It all comes down to putting a certain sticker on the outside.

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